Click the link below for more info on the Music Modernization act and ACT NOW, tell your senators to vote for the MMA and get songwriters their fair rights!


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Music modernization act, pt. 2

The laws for songwriters’ compensation have not changed since 1909. To put that in perspective, that’s four years after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane and 43 years before the invention of the television. It’s the people of that era, in those early Wright Brothers pictures that created the laws that govern how musicians get paid in 2018. That’s the equivalent of us deciding how people should get paid in 2127. 

The MMA (Music Modernization Act) updates these laws so songwriters and artists can begin to get compensated fairly.

We now have 76 senators who are co-sponsoring the MMA with full support from DSPs, PRO’s, the recording AND publishing industry... everyone but Sirius XM Radio. 

Sirius XM radio (owned by Liberty Media), is planning to make a last-ditch effort to derail the MMA. First, Sirius convinced Senators to add amendments/block Unanimous Consent. Those senators learned through billboards/shows/rallies that musicians are voters too. They flipped. Now Sirius is shopping for new Senators.

Sirius needs to be stopped and we need the songwriting community’s support to do so; social media posts, protests, and continued pressure on the senators to co-sponsor have worked so far. The clock is ticking. We have 2 weeks.


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AND THE WRITER IS...With Ross Golan

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